Saturday, October 25, 2008

Have u think of where does cabin crew sleep?

Have u think of where does cabin crew sleep?In the plane? In the airport?
If they fly for more than 12 hours, where do they sleep?
Of course, in aeroplane will provide some place for cabin crew to sleep.
Let us see it now...

Air Canada

Airbus A340

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 777



Singapore Airline

SQ-with inflight TV and telecommunications

Do you feel that you seen before???


TNH said...

singapore airline single room...the last one..OMG..can't believe it.. said...

all these have been online for quite sometime...

renaye said...

wah lau. the stewardess slept with kangkang some more...

Anonymous said...

Well,i work on both Boeing & Airbus aircraft and seen where cabin crew sleep.Most planes in general are not so bad.
Gd pics which show their sleeping conditions.~Cheers~ =)

Wealth Journey said...

Wow.. that's interesting.
Now I'm wondering why we are all paying cut-throat prices for bizclass or firstclass..

Should just pay $1k to the stewardess to have her bed instead.