Thursday, October 23, 2008

11 cute Scarecrow in Japan

Scarecrow-is a device, traditionally a human figure dressed in old clothes, or mannequin, that is used to discourage birds such as crows from disturbing crops.[1] Not only do crows feed on recently cast seed, they also gather nightly, starting with groups of a half dozen which then unite to form a group of 20 to 30 and so on until the flock is quite large and noisy. It is their habit to return to the same place each night.

There was 11 cute scarecrow in Japan.
Have fun


mamamahayag said...

awesome... real cute!

Chunks of Reality said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures! They are wonderful!!

Ai-Ling said...

they are really cute indeed! i'm gonna show this post with my lil' heroes. i bet they'll love those scarecrows :)

foongpc said...

These scarecrows are cute during the day - but I think they will look hideous at night! : )