Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gary Chaw 曹格 《WELCOME TO MY WORLD亚洲巡回演唱会》 - asia live tour 2008

Yesterday going to watch Gary Chaw (曹格)-his first concert 《WELCOME TO MY WORLD-asia live tour 2008》. The concert start around 8.30pm and end around 10.45pm. Gary start his concert with "Superwoman".

Gary Chaw-Welcome to my World-asia live tour 2008-opening

《WELCOME TO MY WORLD亚洲巡回演唱会》-Stage Deco

Kinda good be a great artist...can sing with a lot of beautiful girl...

Huge feather attach on Gary.

Gary is playing piano

Special Guest- Justin (侧田) from hong kong

Gary and Justin(侧田) sing Leslie Cheung(張國榮)song-《今生今世》

Gary and Justin sing 沙滩(Sand beach)

Special Guest -Genie (卓文萱) from Taiwan

Good bye...

End call for Gary Chaw-WELCOME TO MY WORLD concert

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