Monday, January 19, 2009

Auspicious Day to start work in 2009 after Chinese New Year (2009 年开工吉日)

Auspicious Day to start work in 2009 after Chinese New Year

The following is the list of auspiscious day with the time and zodiac that not suitable to use that day to start working after CNY.

Auspicious Day to start work

27 Jan 09 (正月初二)07:00-11:00(申危日,肖虎勿用)[not suitable for tiger]
29 Jan 09 (正月初四)09:00-11:00(戍收日,肖龍勿用)[not suitable for dragon]
30 Jan 09 (正月初五)07:00-09:00(亥開日,肖蛇勿用)[not suitable for snake]
01 Feb 09(正月初七)09:00-11:00(丑建日,肖羊勿用)[not suitable for goat]
02 Feb 09(正月初八)07:00-11:00(寅除日,肖猴勿用)[not suitable for monkey]
04 Feb 09(正月初十)07:00-13:00(辰滿日,肖狗勿用)[not suitable for dog]
06 Feb 09(正月十二)09:00-11:00(午定日,肖鼠勿用)[not suitable for rat]
10 Feb 09(正月十六)09:00-11:00(戍成日,肖龍勿用)[not suitable for dragon]
11 Feb 09(正月十七)07:00-09:00, 11:00-13:00 (亥收日,肖蛇勿用)[not suitable for snake]
12 Feb 09(正月十八)09:00-13:00(子開日,肖馬勿用)[not suitable for house]
16 Feb 09(正月廿二)09:00-11:00(辰滿日,肖狗勿用)[not suitable for dog]
18 Feb 09(正月廿四)09:00-13:00(午定日,肖鼠勿用)[not suitable for rat]
23 Feb 09(正月廿九)11:00-13:00(亥收日,肖蛇勿用)[not suitable for snake]

Start working meaning: go to office and boot up your PC and clean your desk.

Salary earning people can choose to start working on 29 / 30 Jan or 02 Feb 2009.

Clean house Auspicious Day

18 Jan 09 (年廿三),此日為開日,肖蛇勿用[not suitable for snake]
21 Jan 09 (年廿六),此日為除日,肖猴勿用[not suitable for monkey]
23 Jan 09(年廿八),此日為平日,肖狗勿用[not suitable for dog]

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hi nice list uve got. i read somewhere that the 5th & 8th days are good days to start work :)