Monday, November 3, 2008

22 new design make ur life easy....

Recently view on some new design that might help your life easy.
There was 22 new design.
Come and view on it and you may find some tips or apply for your daily life.

New Century Cupboard

You can put your shoe under staircase
You can sleep in book shelf
What is this use for???

Isn't that wall will become more heat?

Easy to get your book and page you last read.

The lamp can pull one????

Like you stand to use computer!!!

Small man can tahan ah???

How to make the cover? Anyone know?


Light Shoe?

Plant on wall

Recycle skate board

Remote socket

So IN the hand wash basin

I wonder my house got this or not?

You dare to bath?!?!

So geli man...

I scare my phone will drop leh...

For display only???


hyperX said...

I like the staircase and light shoe ^^.

Kew said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

some great ideas. where can I order them?