Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Honda City 2009

New Honda City 2009 will launched soon.
From, you able to view on latest Honda City 2009 photo and snapshot. Haven know that will New Honda City 2009 will launched in Malaysia or not? As currently, Honda City is famous with its save a lot of fuel compare to other cars and its not expensive.
Will this brand new Honda City 2009 will get a big market in Malaysia?
Will this new Honda City 2009 cheaper than other same type of car?
Will this new Honda City 2009 save more fuel?
Just wait and see in here.

New Honda City 2009 advertisement(Thailand Adv)


chiuiyourlove said...

ooohh... i love the car! :D but i want a different color. youve got interesting posts. :D

keep em coming! take care!

Raft3r said...

Greetings from Vegas!

hemanth said...

Car maker Honda Siel Cars India on Thursday launched the third generation model of its Sedan, City, priced between Rs 7.7 lakh and Rs 8.9 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Anonymous said...

hi dear friend,i m looking forward to buy a city this month, according to my research, price is 1.5s-84,980 OTR and E-RM89,980 ,max discount i get is RM1,200 cash rebate,if i able to buy in group of 3.who want to join me in order to bargain for a better price?now we already got 2 ready buyer and wait for another person to join my group.any better offer from ur dealer?i hope i can get better deal;)please share with me at or sms me at 012-9512911.thx!